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February 19, 2008

Found Money

No, I didn't find any money. This blasted school district seems to have, though.

Last night I went to a meeting at the elementary school about the three year plan the BOE has. The plan this:

Close the middle school, make the three elementary schools Pre-K through 6, and make the high screwl 7-12. Oh yeah! There would also be eight new classrooms built for a cost of...wait for it....I'm getting to it....$1.8 million dollars!

*lapses into Dr. Evil mode*

And we, the district, can afford to do this even without some kind of grant.

What. The. Fuuuuuuuck?

Um, yeah. We're thisclose to being flat, busted broke and all of the sudden we have all this money? Closing the middle school will, apparently, save the district ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

I have never been past the cafeteria in the high school, so I have no idea what it's like there, but I hear it's a hole. With the eight bus routes that are slated to be cut, this plan will make the kids' bus rides uber-long, and for those on the outer edges of the district? Fuggedaboutit. Hours, folks, hours.

But I raised my pink hand and said "What about this building? My kids are here, what happens to my kids?"

The principal and the horse's ass superintendent assured me there is plenty of building space for Pre-K through sixth.

Yeah, I thought, because a lot of parents are going to whip their kids out of here so fast....

I thought, well, keep the kids here until sixth grade and then we'll send them somewhere else.

But this money thing...it bothers me. The BOE still wants to put a bond on the November ballot....

More later on this crap...

I did, however, approach the sheriff's deputy who was there and asked if he'd been stuck with Clinton duty on Sunday. He said yeah, and what a pain it was, then said he'd vote for Hillary over Obama, and he wasn't quite sure about McCain.

Yours truly nodded silently, said nothing about any of them, burbled something about having to attend Bubba's rally, and moved on.

Growth! I kept my yap shut for once! Growth!

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