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February 19, 2008

One Of Those Moments

I just had one of those moments....the parents out there will understand, one of those moments when a child just pushes that button, that "last nerve" button and you explode.

The moment came out of pure frustration with Daughter. Yes, I know, she's only four, but somehow she just never gets it, never quite understands that she's not to ever put anything down the heat registers; that she has to put her toys away and not leave papers scattered about the living/dining room; that we expect her to keep her room picked up...

I mean, the child will pick up her toys and put everything away, but five minutes later, poof! Those blocks are in the middle of the floor! Her dress-up clothes are scattered to the four winds. She loses a necklace that I just bought for her four days ago because she treats it like a lasso.

I know, I know, she's just a child. Stop rolling your eyes and huffing. I fully realize that I was the same way as a child, that life was just too much fun to be bothered with putting my toys away neatly, that precarious piles were just so much more fun.

But those days are long ago for me, and now I'm the one keeping house and this all became just one big, festering zit that popped all over the place tonight.

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