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April 12, 2008

Let Me Say This About That

After hearing Obama's comments about people who live in small PA towns, I can't help but wonder what my friends who still live in small PA towns think about those comments.

I have very good friends who "cling" to their guns - to hunt deer so they can have, you know, meat.

I have friends who "cling" to religion because that's their personal choice.

I also have family in PA who can't stand Obama, or any other candidate for that matter, and who probably won't vote in the primary because they don't like McCain. (Hello Keating Five?)

As for my thoughts about Obama....finally! Someone more popular than me who shoots his mouth off without thinking! Refreshing!

Am I offended? Slightly. I think Obama is a snotty boob who's out of touch with the people he claims he wants to help. For that matter, I hold the same opinion about Hillary and McCain. These people really don't know anything about the people they pander to in order to get votes. Do you think John McCain really gives a crap about Edison Local's money problems? Do you think Hillary cares about my husband and his job?

Wait...he's in the military, so no she doesn't, as those Clintons "loathe" the military.

Obama shot his mouth off and now he's got to deal with it. Welcome to my world, chump.

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Posted by Groovyvic at 06:59 AM | Comments (1)

I hope he keep shooting his mouth off. Between the three of them I'd pick McCain (I have no other choice) but if it has to be a Dem... Better the devil that you know as they say.

Posted by: Shannon in Fl at April 12, 2008 04:06 PM