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May 05, 2008

Bo0by Prizes

So, my twenty year high school reunion is coming up, and once again the question of door prizes has been raised. My friend, Ultimate Driving Machine, and I have pretty much determined we won't be handing anything out, not after the debacle five years ago.

One of our classmates and spouse decided their contribution to the fun would be to bring in the...um..er...adult products they sell. Yeah, well, we're all adults (I think) but they purposely drew the name of one classmate who just happens to be a minister.


Picture it: the minister opens the box and pulls out....an adult toy in the shape of male genitalia and a riding crop.

Now, I know, ministers do it too, but that was truly out of line and immature.

I thought "Why not get t-shirts made up, with our graduating year and stuff." I floated that past Husband (who also has a 20 year reunion coming up but refuses to go) and he said "I wouldn't want a shirt like that."

So there you go. Maybe they'll get cake.

Because we're all out of c0ck.

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