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May 05, 2008

Comp'ny Comin'

This morning, after the younglings were on the bus and on the way to school, I started cleaning the house in anticipation of our company this afternoon.

You know, that pastor from this church we started going to? (But didn't go to yesterday because I felt like poo.)

So, Husband (who has the day off) assisted by clearing stuff out of the way for me and the Dyson. I tidied, I dusted, I vacuumed, I even scrubbed the toilets, and finally I said:

"Screw it. We live here, and I'm getting sick and tired of cleaning up for clergy. Look at how the last one blew up in our faces!"

"Blew?" Husband asked sarcastically.

"Yes, blew. Just blew all over," I said with a snarl.

Honestly. While my faith has not wavered in the least, I'm so sick and tired of hearing the spiel from ministers, all that "serve serve SERVE!" stuff. Husband and I served our arses off at the last church, and left because it started to become our entire life. We were serving the minister, not God. (And I only did anything at all just to shut the damn pastor up. A-hole.)

So, yeah, the house is tidy, at least until Daughter gets home and drags out her Barbies.

But I just...don't care about this meeting. Is that wrong?

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