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May 12, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, how was your mothers day?

Husband and the younglings took me over to PA for my moth-ers day lunch at Outback. I was a little stunned when we were asked if we had a smoking preference, and I said as much to the manager. Only because, you know, here in this county of the armpit of OH one cannot smoke in a restaurant.

Not that I smoke (anymore), mind you, I just like that whole freedom of choice thing.

But yeah, it was a good day. A good weekend, in fact, the possible exception being the bonehead that almost plowed into me and La Tahoe Saturday. Luckily I have the reflexes of a cat and stomped on the brakes in time.

Now it's Monday, and I'm engaged in the morning ritual of trying to get Daughter to eat her breakfast. Every damn morning, folks! And Son has that field trip to the dump landfill today, so I'm trying to dress him warmly for that, as it won't get out of the 50's and is supposed to rain.

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