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May 09, 2008

Yes, Yes, Yes I Do...

...I've got strep throat, what about you?

I knew this rash meant I had strep.

Anyway, so yeah, I made it in to my doc this morning, but only after I broke all posted speed limits to get there. I hate those "can you be here now?" requests, and besides, I still had to sit and wait once I got there.

What bothers me is that Daughter was about two days behind me, symptom-wise, so I'm keeping an eye on her, although she went from sore throat right into snotty nose and cough.

Oh well. I'm on antibiotics, after assuring the doctor I'd take them all (sure, like I want to be sick) and I'm feeling rather poopy at the moment, so I'm going to go to bed until I have to wake up and take Son to the eye doctor.

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