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June 09, 2008

Big Money! Big Money!

So, yeah, made that call to my insurance agent this morning and was told I have no collision on my policy.

Why? Well, last year when I met to review my policy, my agent suggested taking that off, because the vehicle was ten years old and I had such a spotless driving record, at least since I've been insured by this particular company.

Huh, so you know what that means - we have to pay out-of-pocket for the repairs and the rental I'll need. I got an estimate this morning; nothing heart stopping but still, and as for a rental, I can pick one up the same day I drop off La Tahoe, which will be next Monday.

Make note, SUV haters, there will be one less on the roads starting next Monday and will be out of commission for at least a week.

I guess what galls me is the out-of-pocket stuff. I've worked very hard to not have accidents (repairing damages I did to my driving "reputation" when I was a teenager) and it took Husband to screw things up.

I haven't called my agent back to find out how much this will hoist up my insurance premium because I don't need anymore crap news.

What kills me is Husband's cavalier attitude about the whole thing. He doesn't really show any remorse, didn't apologize (not really), but you know damn well if I'd been the one to hit someone...look out!

Husband treats La Tahoe like it's some old farm buggy to go bouncing around the pasture and it makes me sick. If you could see his car (which I've christened "Wonder Wheel") you'd see that he even treats his own car like crap, $8000 dollars of which I own, since I paid off his car loan.

But I digress.

Counting my blessings, as it were: no one was hurt; it will only take a week to get the truck fixed; while it is expensive, it won't break the bank. We've got that contingency savings built up. La Tahoe can still be driven, although it sounds like it's about to fall apart...

I whine, I know. Shut up.

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