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June 13, 2005


Well, Daughter's ears were proclaimed "perfect" by the doc this morning. It was such a pain in the rear; we get there and what does Daughter do but fill her pants, and as soon as I take her into the restroom to clean her up, she gets called back. I could have screamed! Well, sure, it was well worth the effort we took getting to the office and what not...when the doc only looked at her for, like two minutes. All he did was look in her ears! Crap, I could have done that.

Oh well. The day hasn't been a complete wash, the used copy of "Star Wars: Battlefront" came today, which Son is playing now, and it isn't so godawful hot and humid today.

Husband is kicking around the idea of going up to the drive-in to see "Sith." Yeah, we already saw it, but Son hasn't, and the drive-in may "lessen the intensity" a bit. Oh I don't mind, I can drool over my favorite Scotsman AND Anakin. Hey, he's a slice of hottie too... (they can put their boots under my bed anytime...)

What? Huh? Whatwhatwhat?

Oh yeah, got the latest US Weekly today. Britney's getting quite a pair of boobies, huh? Comes with the territory, get used to it, Brit!

And hey, I read the Vanity Fair book excerpt about Hillary Clinton. I was struck by the news that the Moynihans didn't like her...and as for that rape story I read about over at Drudge, well, while I do not like the Clintons, I do not for one second believe BillyJeff raped Hillarious! It's my opinion that the story is a damn sleazy way to sell a book.

(hops off soapbox)

Good day!

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