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May 19, 2005

Phone calls and Stuff

I talked to Elvis tonight. My friend Elvis, folks, not THE Elvis.

Anyway, he told me last night was the 50th anniversary of our high school. In the years since we, Elvis and I and our classmates, graduated, there's been quite a bit of renovation. I asked Elvis what it was like, and he said "Not the same. I almost cried." Well, something to that extent. No back hall! No "cold spot." I'll bet the smoking bathrooms are gone too. The four years of "ABC" gum that I stuck under the shelf in my locker...gone!

(Any fellow alumni who read this know what I'm talking about...)

I guess I'm not sad, really, as much as nostalgic. These are the people I've known since Kindergarten and Fifth grade, so the fact that the building where we fought, made friends, had adolescent heartaches...that changed...well, we all have though, so I shall stop whining.

Dammit, there goes Daughter, making modern art with her mac n' cheese. Son is talking to himself about something and ignoring his mac n' cheese.

Great blabbering blatherass, I can't wait for Husband to come home!

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