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May 10, 2005

I'm being stalked...

Okay, so I'm not really being stalked, I'm just the victim of a bunch of pretty stupid coincidences. Duran Duran is after me!!

On Sunday I heard "Save a Prayer" at Outback (it must have been 80's day or something), and then today, while flipping around the TV for the, oh, 15 minutes I had the thing on, I found "The Reflex" video on VH1 Classics. Now, this used to be my all time favorite video by that band. I mean, John Taylor...oh my. (The really sad thing is that my hair is exactly that length now, so I can get my hair to look like that....)

Anyway, this wouldn't be such a big deal if a few months ago I hadn't gotten mouthy with the group's spokesperson. I read on their website that two of the members actually wanted Kerry to win the election, liked "Farenheit 9/11," and called Bush a "real gangster," or some such tripe to that effect. I mainly stated that, after all these years of loving them, that of all the things to talk about in 2004, they pick that. I was "shocked" and dismayed to see their political leanings.

Oh, you know what that person emailed back to me! I'm "not tolerant." Uh-huh, the universal label for any and all Republicans. Pfft. So what if John Taylor lives in CA? Is he a citizen? Probably not. He is a big old cocaine freak.

Hey boys, pick on Tony Blair. Start in your own homeland before you pick on mine.

Have you seen them lately? They look like something from a Tim Burton movie. And their songs, well, hey, the 80's are over, give up. You are not the Rolling Stones.

For any of my high school classmates who may read this, I would like to state for the record that I do not like Duran Duran anymore! So quit bringing that up at class reunions! And Elvis, stop telling me you're "hungry like the wolf." Go eat, I don't care, that joke is old.

Yes, after all these 20 some years, I still get teased about liking that band. Well, yeah, I do have a picture somewhere of me in my DD shirt, collar flipped up, and those big 80's glasses. I thought I was coooooooool. I was a dork.

Would anyone like a collection of CD's, actual vinyl records, and some videos?

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