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May 10, 2005

"...a certain...I don't know what..."

So this morning I read on the Fox News site that Renee Zellwegger Jingleheimer Schmitt and Kenny Chesney got married. That was met with a "WHAT?!" from me, as I'd just read yesterday in US magazine that they had indeed met and were making out all over the place. Well, I say fine. Great! Good for them. I hope it works out and lasts forever, and I'm not being snarky here.

I like Kenny's music, and my goodness, he's easy on the eyes. For Renee's part, I hope she has him shirtless, running around singing "When the Sun Goes Down." Yummy. I've seen stuff on TV of Kenny hanging out with Sammy Hagar. Okay, that's fine, as long as Sammy doesn't launch into "I Can't Drive 55" or sit around doing tequila shots bitching about Van Halen. (Who, by the was, was much better with Roth, but that's a debate for another time. Ahh, good old Diamond Dave and those assless spandex pants.)

And can we all agree that Kenny is quite an improvement over Jack White? Let's all be glad Renee isn't all "goth" or what ever that was anymore. She's just so cute...

As long as we're, sort of, on the subject of country music, last night I put Hank in the CD player. (Hank Williams, you know.) Anyway, we're eating supper and Husband listens to the music, and comments "Didn't the man sing anything happy?" Oh Hubby, if you only knew why Hank sang the songs he sang.... But then "Hey Good Lookin'" came on, and I did what I'd been punished for as a kid...I SANG AT THE SUPPER TABLE. My father was probably spinning in his grave. I can't help it, that's a good song! And yes, I liked the Jimmy Buffet and friends version (although I'm not a Parrot Head), but it was HANK for crying out loud.

I think, and I may be wrong, that my fondness for country music may be rubbing off on Husband. He came down to the basement the other day while I was attending to the laundry and asks "Alan Jackson is the one with the mustache and blonde hair, right?" Yep, although I told Hubby not to confuse Alan with Trace Adkins, who has longer blonde hair. We were listening to some Alan Jackson the other day and Husband says "This guy sounds like George Jones." I exclaimed "Oh, he's influenced by Jones and those guys. That's why I like him, you can hear that influence!"

But, and this is another one of my stupid twit moments, the other day we saw a guy on his riding mower, I guess he was crossing the road or something, and I yelped out "Hey look, that guy is doing a George Jones!"

I apologize, George, really. I didn't understand that whole "duck" thing, but I love ya.

"He stopped loving her today...."

And, I have to say this, while we were going to lunch Sunday, Husband didn't cringe or complain when I had to, yes HAD TO, listen to the Foxworthy countdown. Although he wouldn't let me turn up the radio when Joe Nichols came on. Mmmmm...Joe Nichols!

"If it was cool to be a fool..."


I need more coffee.

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