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October 16, 2006


If there is one down-side to marriage, it has to be the mandatory holiday get-togethers. It isn't even Halloween yet, and Thanksgiving is already planned.

Oh sure, I'm one to bitch. I've already ordered my Christmas cards and will have them mailed out by the second week of December, but that's all the prep I've done so far. I haven't (gasp!) started Christmas shopping yet. Usually I've started by the first of September!

(By the by, anyone who would like a personal GroovyVic Christmas card can drop me your mailing address via e-mail and I will happily send a card to you!)

Seeing as how this here blog thing has gotten me in trouble before with family posting and what-not, I'm just going to say that I very much resent this "got to get together with the passle and put on a fake nice face!" all the time. Sure, I'll get to see my parents too, but good grief.

And I'm NOT drinking this year! Last year I did, and somehow became the best friend of my least favorite SIL. EEEESSSHHH!!!

Well, I can't complain. I told Husband that if we must do Thanksgiving with his family, then we get to stay home for Christmas...and he agreed!!!


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